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Interview with climate scientist and #MISYCS workshop leader, Dr. Inga Beck

Dr. Inga Beck studied physical Geography in Munich with a special focus on climate change in the Arctic. She did her PhD about climate change related changes in the Canadian permafrost and spent many...


Interview with #MISYCS speaker Andreas Obermeier – Carrotmob macht Schule!

At the upcoming MIS Youth Climate Summit, Andreas Obermeier of GreenCity Munich, will lead two workshops. He is the program director of “Carrotmob macht Schule,” a program in the National Climate Initiative of the...


An interview with our keynote speaker, Dominic Frongillo: A New Generation of Leadership

      Lena, an 11th grade student on our planning committee, talked with Mr. Frongillo recently on the phone about his plans for the MIS Youth Climate Summit. At 22 years old, you...